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Do you use real flowers?

Yes, I do indeed.


All flowers used are 100% real and dried out by me, in my home in Alton, Hampshire. 

How long do they take to dry?

This varies depending on the species of flowers. Some take a few days others ca few months. It all depends on how much liquid is in the flowers. 

For example, daisies have a lot of moisture in the center, and this can take a while to dry, whereas gypsophila has far less and dry out in a matter of days. 

Do you do custom designs or commissions?

Yes of course. 

You're welcome to customise any of my pieces with either flora, so if you want pink flowers instead of blue, or if you would rather a piece be on silver instead of gold. 

Where do you get your flowers?

This varies, but often from meadows, woodlands and my neighbour's gardens. 

They're all collected by hand (by me), so I know how much is being taken and that there's plenty left for pollination. 

What metal do you use?

I use various types but the main ones are: 

- Stainless Steel
- Sterling Silver
- 18k Gold Plated 

Please check each listing for more details. 

Many of my studs are mounted on silicone stems, perfect for little or sensitive ears. 

Can you do my wedding jewellery?

Most definitely! 

I would be so honoured to do this! I can match your wedding colours or flowers in your bouquet. 

Just drop me a message through my contact form!




The most stunning, dainty, fun jewellery. I am cultivating quite the collection. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

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