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Rosebay willowherb represents resilience and strength, due to its innate tendency to thrive in the most hostile of conditions. Such as growing where there have been disasters or making its home in soils that are still inhospitable to most wildlife.


It is also known as ‘fireweed’ or ‘bombweed’ this is because during the First World War (1914-18), populations of rosebay exploded, especially where extensive woodland had been felled (and often burned) to supply timber for the war effort. Rosebay willowherb relishes areas where there have been fires, and the summer after the bombing raids of 1940, the ruins of London’s homes and shops were covered with sheets of rosebay stretching, according to some popular reports.


Encased in a delicate stainless steel wire moon is a bud of dried rosebay willowherb. Fastened stainless steel wire hoop.


I make each piece of jewellery myself, from hand picking the flowers, to the rigorous drying process, to immortalising them in resin. As they are handmade there will be differences between each flower and piece, also the nature of flowers I am unable to replicate a previous item exactly. There may also be a couple of air bubbles in some pieces, this is due to some flowers releasing air during the curing process.


I post all orders first class with Royal Mail, in cardboard boxes, filled with biodegradable padding, wrapped in tissue paper. Everything is recyclable and kind on the environment.

Rosebay Willowherb Moon Hoops

SKU: 10
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