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Symbolising wisdom and immortality. In traditional Celtic lore, sage signifies wisdom, and eating sage provides immortality in wisdom and in body, the latter of which is likely attached to sage's numerous medicinal uses.


The moon has many different meanings, the crescent moon is a sign of fertility, related to life and death. It also correlates with changing seasons, ebb and tide, and the feminine menstrual cycle.


The dinkiest silver coloured wire crescent moons are filled with dried sage, and sealed with resin. Fastened to a silver coloured stainless steel circle stud, creating these sweet, summer earrings.


I make each piece of jewellery myself, from hand picking the flowers, to the rigorous drying process, to immortalising them in resin. As they are handmade there will be difference between each each flower and piece, also the nature of flowers I am unable to replicate a previous item exactly. There may also be a couple of air bubbles in some pieces, this is due to some flowers releasing air during the curing process.


I post all orders first class with Royal Mail, in cardboard boxes, filled with biodegradable padding, wrapped in tissue paper. Everything is recyclable and kind on the environment.

Sage Mini Moon Dangles

SKU: 10
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